Quality that Matters !

Quality isn’t something that can be argued into an article or promised into it.
It must be a culture and must be one of the key ingredients of the manufacturing processes. Otherwise, the finest sales talk in the world won’t act as a substitute.
Fassgen Pharmaceuticals firmly believes in the fact that Quality stems from an attitude of refusing to settle for the second best, leaving no room for compromise.

The approach to Quality Control is total and integrated
Quality is a fundamental value that we instill in all our employees, which reinforces our commitment to our customers. Our products pass through stringent tests backed by quality systems that ensure compliance with international standards. Fassgen Pharmaceuticals provides consistent quality to the customers. Strict quality assurance is inherent in every step of our process, from incoming rawmaterials to shipment of the finished product. Each of our rawmaterials is selected by our experienced purchasing department, based on strict physical and chemical criteria. Upon arrival at Fassgen’s facility, each ingredient lot is carefully checked and analysed by our quality control personnel. The Company follows Quality Standards for the manufacture of Bulk-Drugs. Our business aim is to follow a safety system, and adhere to the responsible care programme and most of all provide customer satisfaction. For this purpose, the Company has acquired the required Licenses and Permissions from various Government Agencies to set the pharmaceutical and industrial standard. To achieve and sustain market leadership for the products in national & international market by providing to meet the requirements of customer. This is achieved through the following quality objectives.
  • Development of approved vendors and procurement of raw material from approved  sources.
  • Continuous R&D efforts to improve the process and quality.
  • Strict systematic QC procedures in establishing the quality of the product.
  •  Education and training of employees to improve the quality.
  • Adherence to cGMP norms as an integral part of the total quality management system.
  • Assessment of changing requirements of customer expectation and meeting them.
  • Develop environmental awareness among employees and adherence to pollution  control norms.

We have capabilities in both hardware and software in developing and standardising analytical techniques for all our products. In addition to that, we support research endeavours of the company. Quality Appearance, Quality assurance is dynamically structured in line with international markets. We possess capabilities for preparing Technical Dossiers and Drug Master Files (DMFs) for a range of our products. Our facilities are constantly upgraded to comply with European and US Regulatory inspections, making us strategically poised to enter the regulated markets.